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23-28.04.2018 Intermat Paris , Paris Booth no. is 5A-T2
Slewing Bearing
Welcome to Zhaoyuan Jinhuan Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. in China
Zhaoyuan Jinhuan Slewing Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional Slewing Bearing and Slewing Reducer manufacturer, which integrates design, manufacturing and R & D together and has modern workshops, manufacturing and inspection equipment. Meanwhile, the Company comprehensively implements ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ensuring the quality of the products manufactured thereby. Furthermore, the Company has participated in the drafting of the standard ---- MT475-2009 Slewing Bearing Used for Boom-type Roadheader for the mining industry. The Company provides supporting service for various domestic roadheader manufacturers. The Slewing Bearing dedicated for boom-type roadheader, featuring stable operation, shock resistance and exclusive dust prevention technology, etc. has received highly recognition from numerous users.
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Disintegration of slewing bearing to check what kind of
Rotary bearing can use in different industries, but in all cases will cause the damage of the slewing ring, and the damage was found in the slewing bearing, but don't know where the damage, can...
How to repair the wear and tear of the rotary bearing
Zhaoyuan jinhuan slewing bearing expert analysis: any slewing bearing is unable to avoid wear and tear. Although the wear is inevitable, but we can be very good repair wear and tear. Let's talk about how to rep...
For slewing bearing fault noise should be how to solve

Slewing Bearing in the process of application, will inevitably fail, and the rotary bearing failure will emit sound, directly give timely solution can effective...

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